Staycation During Coronavirus At Crazy Bear

Angie Greaves at The Crazy Bear Hotel

If you’re thinking of taking a break, it’s probably best to steer clear of France, Spain, The Netherlands, Malta and now Trinidad & Tobago unless you fancy quarantining for 14 days once you’re back home. I was listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC last Wednesday (12th August) morning and there was talk of Greece being added to that list alongside Austria and Croatia. Maybe travelling right now isn’t a good idea!

I’ve started my Staycation Diary and am packing it with overnight and daily ideas which can be enjoyed in the UK.

Crazy Bear

Thursday 20th August I started at the Crazy Bear Hotel, Beaconsfield. As the hotel, was recommended by one of my Angels, I did not know what to expect… but I was happily surprised by the opulence. The decor is like nowhere I have been before, with mood lighting that created an awesome ambience. The lunch tantalized my taste buds and the cheeky glass of Champagne certainly tasted good! Every bedroom has it’s own decor style with the bath taking centre stage in many. I definitely will be returning for an overnight stay (if they will have me) and to enjoy the outdoor heated pool (hello!).