Summer Beauty

The beginning of the school holidays and I honestly thought that my task was going to be finding the skills to occupy 2 teenage girls who are 3 years apart.  Morggan being 18 has access to more events and venues than Kamarane who is 15. 

Well my energies were pulled in a different direction when I found I needed to replenish my make up bag ….. (and don’t get me wrong I really do love it).

I normally use Becca primer predominantly in the Winter and I find Pore Fessional by Benefit much lighter for the Summer but my Primer grew legs and made its way into Kamarane’s make up bag.  While in Benefit I treated myself to a They’re Real Mascara.  The same with my NARS Amande creamy concealer, that walked away as well. As for my lips they were very much in need of some MAC Spite lip glass and I tend to keep my perfumes on display which  probably isn’t a good idea as they are there for everyone to use at their leisure, which is cool, but they do tend to go walkies and that’s what happened to my Hugo Boss The Scent …. found that one in Morggan’s handbag.

Truth is, I’m glad that my girls feel free enough to use my make up perfume, it just shows how much times have changed and maybe another area where parent/child blocks is highlighting itself.  I would be mortified if the girls were “scared” to use my perfume, rushed in my room took a quick spray and rushed out.  And does it really matter??   It’s perfume, it’s lip gloss!

Looks like it’s going to be an active Summer break in the beauty stakes. Probably best if I get another wig made, neither of the girls wear wigs ….. Yet.