Summer Fashion Wardrobe

It’s the Summer season again and here we go again with the same old boring outfits and things that it seems like you’ve had forever. You salivate at all the trends walking down the runway but don’t want to spend your entire budget?

All hope is not lost – there are ways you can update your look for Summer without breaking the bank! 


Dumping your clothing out onto your bed can help you reincorporate pieces you might have forgotten about. If your closet is jam-packed, you could easily overlook a great shirt or that perfect pair of linen pants you bought last season. Don’t let your existing wardrobe go to waste.

Take this opportunity to clean out your closet as well. If your town endures summer temperatures that consistently hover above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2 degrees Celsius) or your office doesn’t have air conditioning, it’s a safe bet that you won’t need that cashmere sweater this summer. Pack up the items that you know you won’t use for a while, and take this opportunity to throw away or donate items that are stained, fraying, or just don’t fit.

Get Trendy!

Use the season’s latest trendy pieces to update your look. By no means should you go out and spend a thousand pounds on a canary yellow handbag (unless you’ve got it like that) but get some classic trend pieces to add that little something special. They’re there to add a little extra flair to something that’s already great.. Weaving trends into an outfit you already like can kick it up to a brighter, bolder, level. Throw on an unexpected belt like a silk scarf to shake it up a bit.

Here I am… at the shops trying on (and buying) some new trendy jackets for this year.

Work with what you have.

Turn your old knee-length dress into a brand-new mini, or your boring straight-leg pants into a pair of cute capris with the help of some heat-activated stitching tape. All you need is a good eye and an iron!

Got a pile of old jeans that just don’t look right anymore? Turn them into trendy, right-this-minute cutoffs.

Take a lovely long sleeved blouse and cut off the sleeves. Hem or add a bit of lace for a unique finish!

Once you are organised you can see that you do, in fact, have some amazing clothes to work with.


Sunglasses are a no-brainer for summer but given how often you’ll be wearing them, go beyond those staid Breakfast at Tiffany-inspired black framed pairs. Think color, pattern, and mirrored! From polka dots to stripes to sleek Technicolor metals, they can instantly change your look from sweet and feminine to tough cool-girl.

While a statement necklace is always a fun way to add color and interest to a look, the past few seasons jewelry has gotten smaller, more personal, and layered.  Instead of one chunky necklace, consider two or three gold chains of varying lengths with small charms  on them that mean something to you.

If you have any lightweight button-ups, throw them over a basic tee, keep them unbuttoned and roll up the sleeves. Instantly you have a new look for summer and you didn’t spend a penny!

Add a hat: floppy straw hats are great for summer and give the added bonus of much-needed protection from the sun. Straw fedoras are also an option to add pizazz to a simple outfit.

I absolutely ADORE these summer blouses that I tried on last week…

What’s your favorite Summer look? Do you have any tips for creating a fresh Summer Style from what you already have? I’d love to see some pictures of YOUR favorite Summer look – let’s share some ideas on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram.