Meghan Markle is changing the face of fashion

Meghan Markle—the divorced, biracial, non-conformist, equal rights champion, feminist, politically charged actress who just married her Prince and was embraced by the British Royal Family — is truly breathing new life into the UK, particularly when it comes to her fashion.


Meghan has always been a fashion icon, but after her engagement and subsequent wedding to Prince Harry, it’s gone to new extremes. Just look up Meghan Markle fashion and you’ll see numerous fashion blogs dedicated to the American actress and what she wears.

From footwear to bags to even the smallest accessory, these blogs show every detail, including exactly where you can buy them. All this so that Markle fans can dress just like their fashion inspiration.

Editors Amanda Dishaw and Christine O’Brien Ross of one of these sites, Meghan’s Mirror, told The Independent:

“Meghan is quickly becoming a fashion icon. Her style is modern and on-trend, while still remaining down-to-earth and relatable. People love that her style is familiar, and we could dress in similar outfits for our every day, ‘non-royal’ lives. She has an extremely high profile, thanks to her new husband, and she is using that to showcase what a 21st century woman looks like.”

As to why Markle’s style has become so popular, they said:

“People love that Meghan is so relatable. She is just like us – an American girl from a modern family and a normal upbringing! And yet, she magically captivated the world’s most eligible bachelor! People want to capture that magic for their own lives, and the easiest way to do that is through fashion. Because we can apply her style to our non-royal lives, we feel a little more connected with her and a bit more ‘royal.’”

The “Meghan effect” has already seen outfits worn by Markle sold out within minutes.

Bojana Sentaler, the founder of Canadian outerwear brand Sentaler, the brand of Markle’s jacket worn to church services on Christmas day, told Reuters during London Fashion Week:

“The Meghan Markle effect is definitely real. Since she wore the wide collar wrap in camel colour on Christmas Day, the coat sold out instantly and we had an enormous demand for Sentaler that day, as well as for many days after that. We were shipping coats all over the world.”





I’m truly hoping that Meghan maintain’s her fashion identity.  There seems to be a tendency for Royal females to go through fashion change once the ring has been put on the finger!  Perhaps this newest member of the Family will make her feelings known and we’ll still be following her fashion tips from hats to coats, to dresses, to shoes and to handbags.  Oh how I wish she could re-launch her website The Tig.  I loved it, from fashion to food to travel to beauty tips.  It was FABULOUS.

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