Teens and tweenies feeling fab

My lovely daughters, Kamarane and Morggan, will be sharing regular thoughts about life as a teen and tweenie. We’d love to hear your thoughts – either here, through the newsletter or on Facebook.

Morggan – Teenage Feeling Fab

“There are so many pressures for teenagers,” says Morggan. “Sometimes we feel misunderstood, we feel judged and we feel at times that we are guilty when there is nothing to be guilty about.”

“I’m hoping to provide a platform for us to talk and share ideas through the Feeling Fab community. It could be about school, relationships, body consciousness, church, anything really. The platform is yours to use.

Looking forward to hearing from you!”


KamaraneKamarane: Tweenie feeling fab

“With the SATs very near some of my friends in my class are a little bit nervous especially if there is a subject we are not too happy about,” says Kamarane.

“I like maths but sometimes I get confused I find I have to really concentrate and not rush my work. Mum has told me to take my time, read the questions through before I answer to make sure I understand before I start writing. I have found this really useful, and I notice when I do that I get more answers right, and it feels better too.

“I have found that it is best to take your time and get the questions you try right, than to rush and not get as many right.

“Good luck with your SATs if you are taking them.

“Next month we can share our feelings about starting High School.”