National Television Awards

Angie Rickie and Melvin

Wednesday 20th January and London’s o2 Arena was buzzing as the attendees awaited the start of  The 21st National Television Awards.

After working and playing my part it was so nice to relax and enjoy a glass of orange juice (yep I’m completely off wine for Dry January) and catch up with some industry colleagues who I haven’t seen for quite sometime, and to also meet some familiar TV faces.

I had planned an 11.30pm curfew so needed to use my time effectively to work the room.

Hadn’t seen Richard Blackwood, Charlie Stayt (who I worked with at Capital Radio years ago), and Kelly Holmes for some time.  The last time I saw Kelly was at a speaking engagement.  I put her on the stage and leaned against what I thought was a wall and went crashing to the floor – it was truly an “Only Fools and Horses” moment.  I was a little disappointed that Richard Blackwood missed out on Best Newcomer Award after his amazing life turnaround, but I’m sure he’ll get the prize one day.

The Beast from The Chase truly is as huge as a beast and don’t be taken in by Anne Fogerty’s coldness on the programme, she was a pussy cat!!

I didn’t recognise Himesh Patel who plays Tamwar Masood in EastEnders, he looks so different without his glasses!

Meeting people in the flesh that you see on TV is a lovely experience and I’m normally quite calm especially in an interview setting as the mission is to get the information for the interview, BUT for the first time ever, I don’t know why, but I was completely speechless when I met Lady C.  No one else in the room wore a ball gown with diamonds and a tiara, and she stood out in a positive way.  People were queuing up to meet her and she loved it – and the room loved her!


It was a great night, hard work, but very enjoyable.