Why I just LOVE Oprah!

Ms Winfrey is in the headlines again.

Today she made headlines because of a shopping trip in Switzerland that turned out to be a disaster – for the shop assistant. Not realising that her customer was probably the most financially wealthiest woman in the universe(!), the assistant attempted to politely inform Oprah that the handbag she was looking at was out of her price range. I

believe the bag was in the region of $40,000.

I personally think Oprah should have done a Julia Roberts in pretty woman and bought atleast 10 of the bags – remember that iconic scene where Julia’s character walked down Rodeo Drive in LA with more bags than she could handle after being turned away from a store?

Oprah is also about to hit the big screen again alongside Forest Whitaker, in Lee Daniels’ The Butler. The cast also includes Lenny Kravitz, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Terence Howard. It premiere’s in Los Angeles this Monday 12th August. Oh how I wish I had a ticket!!!

And after being the recipient of numerous Awards including Emmy’s, NAACP Image Awards, and Golden Globes, Oprah is now set to receive The Presidential Medal of Freedom. This is THE highest civilian honour in the United States of America and will be presented to her by Barack Obama.

And that, my friends, is why I LOVE Oprah Winfrey.


Photo from The Butler courtesy of BET