A Love Letter To My Grandparents

Angie Family Photo

Hi Papa David, hi Mamma Miriam.  It’s Angela, dad’s a little ill at the moment with Dementia and he’s turning 94 soon.

Hi Grandad James, hi grandma Clarissa it’s Primrose. Mum is absolutely fine; she’s actually a bit annoyed, to be honest, that she can’t go to the gym, or get her hair and nails done because of the current pandemic.

I just wanna thank you 4 amazing giants for passing down your love the only way you knew how, and also for giving me the strength to get through this very difficult racial time and to stand firm.

Papa David, as dad was the last of your 11 children, born in 1926, and you going 50 when he was born, you would’ve been born in 1876 …wow that sounds crazy.  And you know what’s so sad Papa David, you would’ve seen the very same tragedies and injustices that I’m seeing right now in 2020.  That’s so hard to digest.

Grandad James, Grandma Clarissa, you gave Mum more strength than I think she’s actually recognised and I’m so grateful that she’s passed that strength down to me – Lord knows I’ve needed it. I’ve had to explain things to my daughters (your great-granddaughters),  that no parent should have to… But I see your strength in them too. Martin Luther King had his Dream nearly 57 years ago, and I’m sorry to tell you it still hasn’t materialised. But we’ll get there.

I know you’re smiling down on me – I’m doing my bit, one conversation at a time; I connect with those who want to talk, with those who don’t understand (but want to talk), and with those who just feel sad and frustrated.

Papa David, Mamma Miriam, Grandad James, Grandma Clarissa, thank you for everything. I stand on your shoulders and I give thanks. To my 4 giants, my grandparents. Love you lots Angela a.k.a. Primrose.