Lock Down Self Care

What a great incentive for some Self Care!

It’s literally been head to toe.  Hair, face, nails, body and feet.   Feels quite nice being in control of caring for myself, instead of sitting in a salon chair stressing because the technician is taking ages to finish my nails and feet and now I’m late for my hair appointment.  I’ll speak for myself, lockdown has slowed me down in a positive way and I love the true life balance that’s emerging.


Went natural, as I always do in the Summer, and loaded up with Cantu Hair Products – thank you Superdrug.  I’ve never bothered with my greys before, I’ve always thought a little grey shows signs of maturity and wisdom, but with time on my hands I had a little dabble with some Bigen hair dye last week and loved the results!


A little exfoliating is always good for shedding dead skin.  I remember my mum using egg whites, lemon and oats for a gentle scrub, on this occasion my babies suggested the L’oreal Pure Glow Mask 


My babies did my nails, after smoking my Amazon account buying everything (and I mean everything) needed to become nail technicians.  A worthwhile investment and I can honestly say with a little regular practice I could have 2 semi-professional nail technicians in my house #winning


Some of the purchases alongside the nail products was a batch of foot care.  I would not have taken a photo of my feet and shared it 2 weeks ago! 


Pure coconut oil with a little Aveno from neck down.  

I think we’re all going to emerge from quarantine looking more beautiful than ever!

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