Angie’s Book Club October 2017

Well the day eventually arrived… 12th October and the relaunch of ABC (Angie’s Book Club). 

It was something that had been on my heart for a long long time and I was so glad when I eventually started the Facebook Lives in Summer and decided to re-launch my book club.
Had a little bit of a hiccup because of the proposed tube strike on 5th October – which didn’t go ahead – but we got there in the end.
 My amazing angels Abi and Ayshea were hands-on physically, and Amy was with us virtually and digitally to ensure that everything went as planned.

Ayshea (left) and Abi (right) two of my amazingly talented team members who I call ‘Angie’s Angels’. They made the night a HUGE success!

The evening started with glasses of champagne, and thank you so much to 11 Cadogan Gardens who swapped the Prosecco for Champagne, it was so appreciated. Canapés were enjoyed  alongside orange juice and water and a Mango coulis and cream. Once we entered the room where the actual discussions were going to take place I can honestly say that there was a vibe at the venue, the energy was warm.

Everyone in attendance had a story, and as I’ve been saying on Facebook Live for some weeks everyone has a story, a person, a habit, or something that requires forgiveness.

Even though the book is entitled Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything, it was clear that those in the room we are definitely seeking forgiveness of self in order to move on,   to be the whole and complete person that they were designed to be, to be the person who had a passion for “something” to do but because of this one area of their lives they just felt they were stuck. And it was no mistake that the first chapter is “I Forgive Myself”.

They were words from those in attendance who had issues with parents, children, alcohol, finance, etc and we’re finally in a place where they were ready to forgive and move on.

A fulfilled night and it was clear that the 2 hour window that was scheduled just was not enough time.

I’d like to send a massive massive thank you to each and everyone who attended and also a massive thank you to Iyanla Vanzant who is the author of the book that we are currently studying.

What I loved about the whole evening was it was safe, and it was clear that nobody wanted to exploit anyone’s story so filming and recording of stories wasn’t allowed and that was respected by everyone in attendance.  It was clear that people wanted to open up and it was the perfect place to do so, and just be yourself.

Everyone’s presence was welcomed but the other 2 ladies that I will single out, because of their brave decision to open up in the way that they did our Michelle Raymond and Meave Darroux.  They know why I am singling them out and I thank them both.


Thank you so much for everyone who attended I am so looking forward to the next meeting.

All details on Angie’s Book Club are on the website and our next event is December.

I’ve always believed that Book Clubs are such a necessary requirement because they give you the opportunity to tap into areas that maybe you wouldn’t happen to find yourself, but through the reading of a good book experiences start to unfold, emotions starts to unravel, and you find yourself talking about things, and touching on areas that you never would have done whilst sitting at home.

Thanks once again to all you who attended! Your presence was most appreciated!