Less Is More Beauty

Minimalist, fresh-faced beauty with a focus on glowing skin has been Instagrammed more times than I can even count, but for Autumn/Winter 2017 the look has a more groomed, sophisticated flair. Backstage at any fashion show you’ll notice words like “raw” and “bare”, but this season it’s more about finishing touches that leave a natural, yet polished look. Look to Lanvin, Isabel Marant and Max Mara for prime examples of the supermodel-esque glow, curled lashes and impeccably groomed brows that define the look.

Uh oh. It may be time to ditch the foundation ladies…

We’ve all heard someone apparently flawless say… “Oh, I NEVER wear foundation.” Ugh. That’s fabulous you radiant woman, but the rest of us aren’t blessed with perfect, glowing, fresh-faces every day. And then there are artists going “full off” of makeup, like Alicia Keys… what I wouldn’t give for her lack of pores.

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What’s the worst thing that would happen if you ditched your foundation for something else — or (dare I say it?) wearing no foundation at all? Would everyone stop and stare? Would you cause gasps of shock? Would your makeup routine crumble to the ground? Even with all the #NoMakeupSelfie’s out there, there are  still oodles of us who get all woozy at the thought of a base-less face.  Celebrities proudly post makeup-free selfies all the time, why can’t we?

How do you even go without foundation? 

On its simplest level, all you have to do is wash your face, dry off, and just not put on foundation afterwards. But if you’re anything like me and you’re used to wearing foundation every single blasted day, it’s super difficult to just give up the idea that you have flawless skin.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your skin looks the best it possibly can, with or without external assistance from your favorite foundation.

Vitamins IN!

Use Spot Concealer 

Plenty of H20

Moisturise It. Yes, you can even make your own if you’re so inclined… 

Ingredients Vegan, Gluten free Oils & Vinegars 1/2 cup Coconut oil 6 drops Lavender essential oil 1 tsp Vitamin e oil

And if you can’t seem to bring yourself to ditch the foundation completely, try using a serum or moisturiser and add some drops of foundation. Check out my article on my favorite serums and moisturisers for more info...  

Do you wear foundation? What is your favourite primer? Do you think you could go completely foundation free? What are your tips for getting your face perfectly shine free and ready for action? 

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