Back to School Blues

Some of us will be jumping for joy when our youngsters get packed off to school soon, and some of us will mourn. 

I, for one, always feel a pang of sadness. Sure, I won’t have to worry about how to keep my girls entertained. Yes, I’ll be able to work in peace. And naturally, it will be a relief not to have to organise social lives and top up debit cards every other day. But, if I’m being honest, it’s also REALLY nice having them around.

Whether happy or sad about the upcoming term… it’s okay and perfectly normal to have all the “feels”.

If you’re dreading the start of term… I feel you.

The new school term brings with it a rigid routine. No more lie-ins or wearing PJs until noon: it’s back to being up at the crack of dawn with bags packed and uniforms at the ready. So it’s no wonder the post-holiday blues are hitting some parents as well as their children.

School = more work. A set time to rise, and a set time for bed (the right amount of sleep keeps the brain fully active), having to plan what they are wearing, sign a million things, monitor their homework, help with homework, and in general just return to structure.

Most of us have pretty laid back summers, and the kids wear “whatever” as long as it’s clean, don’t have an early bedtime, and you can just enjoy each others company. You’ve been able to be spontaneous, do what you want as a family and not had to worrying about much of anything.

Children grow up so fast, and sometimes we just don’t want them to grow up TOO fast (or at all). This is all about facing situations where you need to let go a little bit. One day, they’ll be grown. But right now? Your child is still very much part of your daily life and care. You’ve got this void to fill after Summer break. Instead of staying in the “sad” maybe it’s meant for you to savour every moment you DO have with your child.

And… gasp… maybe learn to savour your time alone.

But… there’s an upside! 

Free Time

I’m sure this varies for us all. School is nice because you can clean your house and it stays clean! You can get the computer back and don’t have to fight for it, read when you want and eat lunch when you feel like it.

No more referee jacket.

Siblings that are constantly “with” each other bicker. They just do. It’s all normal and all part of growing up but it can be difficult to deal with. Kids learn most of their negotiating skills at home, practicing on parents and brothers and sisters. They then take what they learn from practicing and put it in effect in the real world… namely at school.


Keeping the kids busy, skipping off to the pool on lazy, hot days have all played a part in allowing housework to pile up. Not that I’m a huge fan of housework (in fact I’m not really a fan at all), but sometimes it’s nice to go back to a routine.

It’s GOOD for them.

Can you imagine having nothing to do all day every day? Sure it sounds like heaven for a while but then… boredom sets in. Kids function best with a routine and a schedule. It’s rather like this: you’d get tired of Christmas if it was Christmas every day. It’s nice to miss your children sometimes. It’s NICE to have things to look forward to. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment and self esteem that doing well in school can bring.


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