7 Effective ‘Get Out of Bed’ Tips


Can’t we just sleep all day?

We all have a love-hate relationship with our bed. We often find ourselves wanting to sleep more but then we shortly realize we’ll pay for it if we come late for work or if we skip a day out of our usual routine. Sometimes we all just wish we can lie in bed all day and maybe have someone turn the WiFi on for us.

But we all have to get up someday and even though its hard we have our own little obligations in life and one of them is to start our day right! We gathered 7 tips to make getting out of bed not only faster but worth it too!

  1. Drink Water

What do we usually do when we wake up? We head straight to the restroom of course! This little life hack can do wonders. Drinking a glass or two before sleeping will help us get up in the morning once we feel the urge to use the bathroom and this usually wakes us up!

  1. Leave The Blinds Open

Sunlight affects your body in a lot of ways. One of them is how it makes us wake up faster when our eyes see light. Our body’s initial reaction to sunlight is to end the sleep cycle and makes our brain signal the entire body to wake up.

By opening the blinds and positioning your head in a way your eyes come in contact with the morning sun should make you get out bed faster than an alarm clock.

  1. Use Favourite Music As Alarm

Speaking of alarm clocks, if you’re sick of listening to the generic tone of what wakes you up then you better try using your favourite song to do it. Not only will you be singing to your favourite song in the morning but you’ll also be perkier and happier about waking up.

  1. Reward Yourself When You Wake Up

Nothing’s better than a nice reward for waking up on time. Not only do you motivate yourself but you also get to pick which reward you want. Whether it’s cooking your favorite breakfast or eating chocolate in the morning, a simple gift for a big accomplishment can go a long way.

  1. Get A Little Exercise

One of the best motivators out there is the motivation to burn fat. If it’s not, then it should be. if you find yourself fighting to stay awake, breaking sweat should do the trick. The endorphin rush alone is more than enough to get you up and running. Try out some of these exercises to get you burning calories fast!

  1. Coffee Works

Ah, the favorite beverage in the morning. Coffee can do wonders for you especially if you drink the right type and amount. Besides waking up, it also serves a lot of other health benefits for your body to choose from.

  1. Maintain A Routine

Perhaps the best tip on this list, getting a routine going will make your body adjust to how you want it to go about in the morning. Whether it is to have a good exercise or to wake up early to prepare your breakfast or drink a cup of coffee, the body will keep the schedule for you. If you do this right, you might not even need an alarm clock anymore.


Getting out of bed is often thought as the first hurdle in your day but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you try one of our recommended tips, waking up will simply become second nature to you and you’ll be getting up with a smile on your face every day.

Original Cover photo by rakratchada torsap. Free Digital Photos