Ten Natural Hair Care Tips


Beautiful hair add some kind of personality to your impression and naturally beautifies you. A beautiful hairstyle makes you the “eye candy” whilst, if there are noticeable dandruff flakes, you are surely being noticed for a different reason.

Here I will discuss a few natural hair care tips, which can help you maintain healthy hair:

  1. A nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle are a “must”, if you wish to have beautiful tresses. Drink a lot of water and make sure to incorporate protein into your diet, lentils and meat, for instance, are great sources. Vitamin A is a crucial nutrient to develop hair growth, therefore, green leafy vegetables, carrots as well as cod liver oil should also be integrated into your diet routine.
  1. Avoid hair styling treatments and products. Usage of harsh chemicals will only ruin your hair growth eventually; therefore, it’s recommended to take on the natural beauty of your locks and find the way to stay away from chemicals based treatments, or, at least, try them rarely.
  1. To deal with dry or damaged hair, to create shine and volume try to apply Aloe Vera for conditioning your locks. Here are some of the most useful ways to use it:
  • Aloe Vera can inhale a new life in the way your locks looks and feels, just put on a small amount of Aloe Vera gel as an alternative to your usual hair conditioner, let it lay on your locks for a minute or two and then, rinse out. If you do it on a regular basis, you will notice the beneficial results of this natural treatment.
  • Those women who wish to add volume to their locks can try using Aloe Aera gel as a hair mask and let it sit on the locks for about 30 minutes after that rinse out. You should observe beneficial results – much more volume and shine after regular use.
  1. Always keep your scalp clean and free of oil. Hair washing should be quite regular, determined by the oiliness of your skin, along with the exposure to dirt and dust. However, it’s also not very good to wash your hair every day, as you can strip it from organic oils which are important for healthy growth of hair. Therefore, try to get your own balance. Generally, healthy hair washing time periods differ from 3 days to one week, based on your needs. You may also give a try to a dry shampoo or conditioner on your “lazy” days.
  1. Applying a shampoo and conditioner which suits your hair type is essential. You can only recognize if the product suits you through the use of it for a specific period of time. Try to get a good mixture of products particularly designed for the considerations of your hair type.
  1. Never comb wet hair since you can break it and stay away from using hair dryer. It is advisable to let your hair dry naturally, particularly in the summer time.
  1. Have a good, regular and relaxing sleep. Your locks reflect the anxiousness you are going through; therefore being happy is also a “must” if you wish to stay away from dry tangled locks.
  1. Always deal with your hair carefully. Don’t be harsh while combing, drying as well as styling your hair, as harsh actions can considerably damage your locks.
  1. Make use of cold or lukewarm water for hair rinse, due to the fact that too hot water can harm the tips of your hair, and we don’t wan that!
  1. Finally, if you are truly determined to take a good care of your locks, attempt doing good, deep conditioning hair masks on a regular basis, if possible once a week or otherwise once every two weeks. You can apply warm oil remedies using coconut oil, castor oil or even olive oil; Just use slightly warmed up oil on the origins of your hair and stretch it to the lengths, ensure that it stays on (preferably wrapped) a minimum of 40 minutes and then, rinse your hair, it will put shine and flexibility.

hair-2Whenever you sow the seed of good take care of your hair, your will be awarded with gorgeous, shiny and silky locks!

Aside from the above mentioned factors, it’s essential to know that our physical and psychological situations have an effect on our appearance. Therefore, we have to develop a stress-free, optimistic and positive attitude to be enchanting and attractive always.

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