Blending Style and Sustainability in Clothing


In the face of major dilemmas our planet is currently experiencing, people are finally realizing various damages to the environment and have begun to look for ways to control these situation.

Waste from manufacturing including the production of textiles is one such issue, due to the pollutants that get released after the process. Lakshmi Challa, an apparel technologist from Bangalore University, highlighted in a study that nylon and polyester manufacturing yields huge amounts of greenhouse gases called nitrous oxide, which is 310 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

To counter this problem, fashion designers and clothing manufacturers, were prompted to come up with solutions such as sustainable clothing – an ecological approach to procure fabrics. Fortunately, they haven’t sacrificed style nor comfort even when using nature-friendly materials and implementing eco-compliant practices.

A Canadian NGO, Fashion Takes Action, recently held a fashion show that heralded upcoming fashion trends in the country. What set it apart from other runway shows though, was the fact that the designers featured were all highly committed to ethical practices and natural fabric sources.

Another form of sustainability and care for the environment has been seen through recycling clothes. In the UK, [news publisher The Telegraph conducted a survey] of 2000 women and found out that their clothes end up in the trash after only wearing them a few times.

A former designer of womenswear, Kate Pietrasik stated in an interview that the best form of recycling clothes is through handing them down. Although she is now involved in making unisex kids’ clothes, her insights into sustainable clothing and creating garments within ecological standards stays the same, as evident in her own clothing line, Tootsa.

Sustainability and trendiness are also not confined to fabric products. Other wardrobe items such as sunglasses are following in the footsteps of environmentally friendly, but stylish wearables. SideRoot, based in Sweden, is pioneering trendy eyewear made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials.

Proposing and providing sustainable clothing is an effective environmental approach a lot of fashion designers and manufacturers are now taking when making their products. Seeing as the designs and style are still to a high standard, it goes without saying that getting the right balance of aesthetics, functionality, and eco-friendliness is perfectly achievable.

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Written by Azalea Cheyenne
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