Loving Brastop’s sleepwear range

Don’t you just “love” a good set of pyjamas?  A set so good that you almost don’t want to wear them to bed?

I’ll admit I used to feel quite comfortable with a t-shirt that I would just drag on at the end of the day after my night time shower, BUT lately that shower has had a completely different feeling because I now look forward to slipping into my satin pyjamas.  This is my favourite set so far; the Lepel Justine Vest and Satin pants.

I get in from work, have my family time, and then take my shower and cosy up on the sofa and take in a good film whilst feeling so glamourous – and fabulous – in my PJs. The feel and smoothness of the satin sometimes makes me not want to wear them to bed!!

I always use Brastop for the best name brand bras and pants, and I’m now relaying on them for sleepwear as well.