Children’s Book Day

Children’s Book Day was 2nd April and anything in connection with books, authors or reading, always connects to my heart.

My father who is all of 90 years of age – and is, unfortunately, suffering with Dementia – ensured that I could read and write before I started school. I can remember being able to write the alphabet and my full name, and I was also able to form sentences and could read those sentences he wrote on a mini blackboard with chalk.  This is definitely where the reading bug planted itself, and literally bit me.  Reading and books were very natural to me and the household.

I didn’t possess any phonics books as my dad was my first teacher and author.

I attempted to do the same with Morggan and Kamarane, I was nowhere near the same standard as my dad but I’m so glad that both my girls love reading.

Reading in schools was something I did quite regularly when I presented the Drive Time show on Magic as I had so much time on my hands and it was around this time that my love and thirst for children’s authors re-ignited itself.

  • Enid Blyton – The Famous Five
  • Michael Morpurgo – War Horse
  • Jacqueline Wilson – the brains behind Tracey Beaker
  • JK Rowling – you couldn’t possibly bypass the power of the Harry Potter brand which just keeps getting stronger and stronger.  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child broke records at the 2017 Olivier Awards and swept the board winning a staggering 9 awards
  • Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket and the world that opened up as A Series of Unfortunate Events mesmerises young audiences
  • Rick Riordan writes about the world of Percy Jackson
  • Malorie Blackman – difficult to choose just one of the 2013 – 2015 Children’s Laureate books, but Boys Don’t Cry taps very deeply into changes as a result of sexual experiences, something that really does need to be discussed with teenagers and dare I say in some cases tweenies!!!

I could continue…Whether via a Kindle, iPad, Tablet or the ever faithful page turning.

Whether via a Kindle, iPad, Tablet or the ever faithful page turning book, reading forms a strong foundation for children and the earlier the passion sets in the better.  From pre-schooler to toddler to tweenie to teenager there’s no untouched subject.  Reading can and does development a child’s imagination and views on the world around them.I always say ”

I always say “a world without books is like a world without music which in turn is like a world without air”

Who was the author that engaged you into reading when you were at school?

And who is your favourite author now?

Leave your comments below – you never know, there may be a book in it for you.