Meet Toks Aruoture, our interior design expert

Toks Aruoture

Toks Aruoture

Toks Aruoture is the owner of Punkin Patch Interiors and specialises in designing luxury furniture and rooms for little ones. She’ll be lending her style guidance to Feeling Fab in the future, so we had a little chat and got to know her better.

How did you get into interior design?

I initially developed an interest in design right after I’d moved into my first home.

I unwittingly swapped my once thriving social life for endless trips to my local Homebase, where I became obsessed with room decor and the effects of pattern and colour on mood and psyche.

In those days I could often be caught in aisle 4 neurotically comparing shades of green on paint swatch cards. I spent countless hours in the haberdashery department of John Lewis as I engaged in a (sad) new touchy-feely hobby: the pursuit of fine textures.

What’s your favourite thing to design?

My love for interiors led me to launch my own residential interior design company and later Punkin Patch Interiors, which specialises in the production of fine furnishings for little ones.

Punkin Patch gives me the extraordinary privilege of specialising in the design of nurseries and children’s bedrooms and I feel blessed to do what I enjoy doing.

Punkin Patch nursery design

Why is the design of children’s rooms so important?

As a baby and child interior designer, my passion is creating inspiring spaces that encourage children’s’ imagination to flourish.

I do this by incorporating emotions with beautiful, bespoke furnishings which results in a desirable, safe environment.

Children need rooms that are not only safe and functional, but inspiring and creative too. Babies need a nursery where memories are formed and mothers can build those memories in a relaxed and peaceful setting.

When you’re not working, how do you relax?

As a business woman who looks after her four boys – five if you count my husband – my life is not without its challenges.

I unwind by reading or escaping into the waiting arms of nature, I’m also an unapologetic sun chaser. I love to write and contribute to a small number of blogs and magazines.

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