Lady C… Like her or loathe her?

lady c

Why is the public giving Lady C such a hard time on I’m A Celebrity?

She’s providing the best entertainment value, Ant and Dec have polished up their Jamaican accents and are repeating a lot of her statements which is a scream, and if she were removed from the jungle, we’d be left with a little out of tune singing, a few tears and some very boring BushTucker trials.

One of the main criticisms Lady C has received is her rudeness – rudeness or direct straight talking?

She’s been there, seen it and done it, so probably has a lot to say.

Genital deformities lead to her being registered as a boy named George, and she attended an all boys school between the ages of 11yrs and 18yrs where she endured bullying, confusion, humiliation.

Imagine corrective surgery at the age of 21 and she became Georgie!  Her story is unbelievable and if there’s an example of your adversities contributing to who you are then this Lady has every right to be as strong and outspoken as she is.

I really don’t think she means any harm, but her emotional pain threshold is quite strong and her experience boundary is obviously very wide and she is in the company of people who probably haven’t experienced a minute percentage of what she has been through  ……..  and I do love her Jamaican accent!

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