Dustin Brown

I sat and watched Wimbledon, as I always do each year (in between after school activities and extra maths lessons for my girls and I even catch a game or 2 whilst I’m on air – ssshhhh!) and this year has been not only unpredictable but Fabulous!

… and how Fabulous is Dustin Brown

Now, I LOVE me some Rafael Nadal, I think he is 100% gorgeous.  Whilst I thought Dustin Brown looked very athletic and determined when he walked out onto the court to play Rafael, no way did I believe he was going to win – not being negative, but Rafael just has it!!   How Fabulous was Dustin’s performance?  The determination, the passion, the skill, probably embedded in him when he showed interest in Tennis at a young age even though there was also interest in Judo, Football and Handball.

dustin smallLiving between Germany and Jamaica, (his mother is German his father is Jamaican), when his parents decided to return to Jamaica they bought Dustin a camper van to transport himself and sleep in which enabled him to enter tournaments.  His finance would have otherwise gone towards hotel fees and accommodation.

Interesting that his parents did not go down the “traditional” route.  Because of their belief in their son the outcome was positive.  They probably had to endure criticism and negativity along the way, but keeping a positive mental attitude and encouraging their son to keep his eyes on the prize has definitely paid off.

Let’s keep our eyes on Dustin, and take a tip out of his parents book as well;  there’s no right way, there’s no wrong way, there’s just your way, and as long as it gets you to the goal, that’s Fabulous.

Angie x