Looking For Love

Looking for Love

We are ALL looking for love.  It’s a fact!
Love hasn’t gone anywhere – it’s still here staring us right in the middle of our faces.

Men and women do see love differently.
One woman – one man – same relationship but they are speaking completely different languages!  Different languages mentally, physically, verbally, spiritually and sexually.
Is this not the norm?
Have men and women not been battling for years to find harmony?
The straight answer is yes!

The gap is widening and the languages on all levels is straining. We target the media, we target technology, we blame other people, we even blame our partner, perhaps the key is to look in the mirror!

Upon viewing the film ‘Looking For Love’ directed by Menelik Shabazz, one thing stood out; different generations talk love, feel love and want love.  A couple in their 20s and 30s not only speak a different language than a couple of 40 years onwards, but they deal with issues on a different level as well.

There were clear examples of love in the film that displayed different vocabulary, different body language and different challenges in the game of love.  Comedian’s Slim and Donna Spence were very vocal and displayed hilarity when talking about love and sharing experiences, but I found myself deeply drawn and quite engaged with Broadcaster Alex Pascall and his wife who shared stories of how they met and what kept them solid throughout their 50 years of marriage.

Love is a something we need to have for ourselves before we can share it with others, and what mainly stops us in this plight is a need for acceptance from others.  Until we can accept ourselves warts and all, love ourselves warts and all then no one will be able to love us.

Until we can accept ourselves fully for who we are, no one will be able to come near in completing us or in loving us.  It actually isn’t our job to expect anyone to love us to make us whole, it’s our job to love ourselves, and the only way we can do that is to forgive ourselves for those actions which we know we are responsible for.

Past personal pains, past personal hurts and unresolved issues, are all skipped over, and the depth and beauty of love has become surface, it’s almost an act and will remain an act until we face and live our own truth.

‘Looking for Love’ will have you laughing out loud in places, and at other times you’ll be able to hear a pin drop. You will leave the theatre thinking about how much you love yourself.  I personally came away with the challenge of setting my own thermostat.  So if I’m feeling great and on a high I’m not going to let anyone change my mood or cool me down. On the other hand if I’m feeling mellow and calm, I won’t let anyone make my blood boil.

Why? Because love always starts with me.

Watch the trailer for ‘Looking For Love’ and read the Directors statement below.

I made this film because of the deep concern about the current state of black relationships in the UK. It seems that we are moving further apart. Will all the array of communication tools from facebook to instagram there seems to be an increase in loneliness. We need to talk about what is going on from our hearts and the film is intended to start the dialogue.

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