YOU…are Entitled

happy african american young woman at home

Before we go to far forward in the new year, let us stop for a minute or three, to pat ourselves on the back for where we are right now, this minute. Go on, literally pat yourself on the back (over the shoulder is best route!). Whether it is where we want to be exactly or what we had imagined, the fact is we are here. So… acknowledge all you have learnt, all your skills, your capabilities and choices. Yes, choices we have made and thoughts we have had, to bring us here. Pat yourself on the back and say “Well Done You, You made it this far, I am Grateful”, then breathe and feel that moment of acceptance and contentment.

There is much to be said about those who are satisfied with life and their position in it according to their perception. You’ll find no judgement here. If you are contented with your life, that is absolutely fine.  However, for anyone else who wants to leverage up, beyond where they are expected to go or become, know that YOU ARE ENTITLED.

The fact that some of us may not have been born with a silver spoon in our mouth does not excuse us from achieving or reaching levels we want to and/or are capable of. We cannot deny the DNA or ancestral spiritual journey which affects our aspirations but we can surely do something about where we want to go right now.

Regardless of background, circumstance, generational slavery, depression, poverty or ‘rich in money but poor in spirit’, no matter your background, YOU get to decide what you do with this life right now, this year. So sit within your entitlement as a human Being (not just doing) and work on yourself to become the best version of YOU that you can be.

Whatever visions you may have for this year, the best way to start is to write down a ‘one step at a time’ list of what you need to do and who you need to Be in order to reach them. For example, add another skill, find the right course, see if it fits into my lifestyle, then book it. If you need experience in a certain field, ask someone if you can shadow them or help them out for free. If you are determined to spend more time with family this year, just go through your diary and prebook every last Friday to meet up or something similar.

The fact is, if you are on this earth, you have something to learn, to share, to give. If you were given much, maybe from ‘helicopter parents’ whether in money, health, richness of love or other, have you heard the saying, ‘to whom much is given, much is required’. Maybe reach out and share what you know with others this year. What will last longer after we are gone, is the impact we’ve had on people, more than money or assets, though very nice!

Whatever your plans are this year, reach for the sky, reach for the universe, reach for the galactic, reach for  YOU. Why? Because, YOU…ARE ENTITLED. What I’m I entitled to? Everything…