Fitness : It’s time to up my game

I think even if I hadn’t participated in Weight Watchers I would still up my game on the keeping fit and health stakes.

Watching Jessica Ennis and Christina Ohuruogu with their washboard stomachs would make anyone want to get a little fitter. I’ve been taking early morning walks and watching what I eat, I’d love to get in the gym 5 days a week at 2 hours a time, but I think being realistic is the key here. It’s unlikely that a car will go from 0 – 60mph without having the correct mechanism behind it, and I think the same goes for our bodies.

I was training for the 5k and injured myself, probably because I was going at it too hard and that was my body’s way of saying “I can’t do this the way you want me to”, so the injury was the sign to bow out.

I find brisk walking much more fun, 6.30am is a great time as well; the morning air is clean and fresh, it’s quiet and with the headphones in I don’t realise how long I’ve been walking. Sometimes I even end up jogging home! Once I do get back home it’s sit ups, crunches and leg raises.

Starting the day off with 30 – 45 minutes of exercise also re-positions my mind, the result being that I flow more positively in the mental arena. It’s also great because it makes me more conscious of the food I eat having started the day off fat burning.

The Weight Watchers eating plan is great, fresh fruit, vegetables, protein and fibre, however, I have found that the key to all this is the find the “trigger” that automatically takes over and enables “eating anything” to become the priority so much so that you don’t think about what you’re putting in your mouth.

Next time you go to eat a cream cake, fast food or something that you know isn’t the best food option for you, pause a while, and get in check with how you are feeling. If you’re honest with yourself you may not make the purchase. It works, I promise you!
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