Leaping Ahead of Radio 1 and Radio 2

Always celebrate your achievements. And be proud of yourself.

25th October 2012, I allowed myself a little celebration as the new radio listening figures came out, and my radio show had overtaken BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 in London.

As the only solo female broadcaster in this slot, across commercial radio as well as BBC network radio, I’ve got to say it was, and still is, a proud moment and Drive Time continues to lead the market.

It is at times like this that I MUST stay positive. As much as I love my job, (and I really do!!) opposition is a fact of life, and it would be naive to think that it isn’t.

Fast forward 2013 and I’m still on the Drive Show which is THE most listened to show in London at that time slot.

I’m sharing this not to show off or gloat, but to encourage you in whatever field you are in to believe that if you put your best in, the best will come out!!

Don’t focus on negative people as it will attract negative energy. Have positive good people around you, it really does make a difference. I always maintain contact with my school friends as they know and love “Angela Greaves” and it keeps me grounded.

Overall, celebrate who you are, and your achievements regardless of how big or small you may think they are, it’s what matters to you and it’s how that achievement makes you “feel” (hopefully fabulous).

And always remember, “to whom much is given, much is expected”, always remember those words in the face of opposition.