Freedom Day?

No more masks. No more social distancing. The requirement to wear face masks and all social-distancing measures will be lifted in England on July 19. Concerts and festivals are back, weddings and funerals can be attended, school bubbles will be gone, the theatre is making it’s return, and there are NO limits on socialising at all.

But will ‘Freedom Day’ backfire? Coronavirus cases are rising from the Delta variant and to be honest… it’s quite scary! So from the 19th onwards, taking precautions is an optional personal choice.

Personally, I will continue to keep masks in my bag and will definitely be wearing them on the underground and whilst commuting. I haven’t planned on travelling yet, but I’m going to share my top 5 destinations later this week for when I feel comfortable leaving the country again.

This is all quite difficult. I had to isolate so I downloaded the NHS Track and Trace app… not even sure if it was working! I put my information in correctly multiple times but it never showed when I was meant to be done with my isolation. I’m not deleting the app as of yet, like so many others have done, because I’m afraid that they will say I’ve done something wrong! It’s all very confusing and doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in the system.

I’m not sure what Boris is saying about this process being “irreversible” with no more lockdowns, but I predict another lockdown before Christmas due to the increase of cases. And is this ‘Freedom Day’ really going to work or is it just wishful thinking that we can get back to normal?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on my socials… let’s talk about it!