It’s good to talk. Especially when you’re a mum

Parenting blogger, Bianca Waithe, on the importance of mothers making time to catch up and chat with friends.


So it has been almost a year and half since the birth of my second child, and I’m still only just getting round to meeting up with friends to show him off for the first time! He turns two in December and I figured if I don’t meet up now, before I know it I’ll be bumping into friends, bragging about my kids’ graduation ceremonies!

So I decided to bite the bullet and get out of the house. After much planning and organising, the girls were rounded up and the Great Mummy Morning play date arrived.

My ‘mummy mates’ came from the north to south to meet at a friend’s house (who by the way is the full-time mum’s answer to pin up domestic goddess!)

Her home was not only filled with a bunch of energetic barely-three year olds, but we were treated a beautiful spread of homemade cupcakes that were all far too sexy to eat, tea sandwiches, cream scones, fancy homemade tarts and a lovely selection of teas and freshly ground coffee.

As I sat and scoffed my face while the kids playing and it got me thinking: Sometimes it really is good to take time out and meet with friends, let the kids hang out and just have a giggle and good old girlie gossip.

We talked all things mum-related – the good, the bad, the real and the honest. We cried together, laughed together and motivated each other, with good, honest and encouraging advice. We made each other feel normal, celebrating the highs and even deep bottomless lows of motherhood.

For years, mums all around the world have been meeting in coffee shops, playgroups, bars, restaurants and schools to take time out to share stories – whether it’s a scheduled catch up or a sporadic “fancy a cuppa” meet.

Sometimes it feels like a chore, a mountain, or even an impossible task to find time in the diary when you receive that invitation to catch up with friends, but ask any woman – any mother – and she will tell you it’s always so worth it.

They say it is “good to talk” and never more so than when you are a mum!

If you haven’t taken time out in the last few weeks, months or even years to spend time with friends, do yourself a favour and make the first move and get in touch. Put a date in the diary to get together over a lovely cuppa, cocktail, or meal. Make that extra special effort to make sure you go – without feeling guilty for doing something for yourself.

‘The catch up’ is always time well spent, deserved and forever cherished. This has never been truer than for mothers.

Bianca is founder of The Real Mums Pulpit, a blog which focuses on the journey of motherhood. Follow her on @realmumspulpit