Lenny Henry and the ITV mishap!

ah and lh

Okay let’s have some fun with this one … Lenny Henry receives an MBE (congratulations Sir Lenny) and ITV show an image of Ainsley Harriott in the VT… doh!

Some time ago Samuel L Jackson was being interviewed by a TV news anchor who asked him about a SuperBowl commercial that involved Larry Fishbourne. Sam being Sam dealt with it Sam’s way…….


But Larry Fishbourne has also dealt with this issue

Now in my eye I’m not convinced that Sam looks like Larry, and I don’t think that Lenny looks anything like Ainsley, however, the truth is, groups of actors/singers/entertainers at a certain level of visual media are required to share a specific look and character – because it guarantees an audience.  It’s proven that familiar images create visual and audience engagement.

Just look at these celebrities…

I personally say, congratulations Lenny, and I think you’re better looking than Ainsley anyway. But Ainsley your cooking is fabulous!!