Let’s Reset : Mental Health And Wellbeing At Work

Mental Health Issues … those words just roll off the tongue. But how does this apply to our everyday lives? A lot more than we realise…

Every human being walking this earth has health issues whether spiritual, financial, physical, emotional or mental.  We all have a barrier or a boundary and when it’s pushed we either deal with the issue at the time or we internalise it. In some cases internalising does not help emotional or mental health.

I’ll shout it from the rooftops, always have and always will, your home is the one place where you should feel relaxed and confident enough to replenish and refresh your energy. If you can’t – or don’t – you take burned out energy to work and the wrong colleague will be on the receiving end of your backlash!

Mental Health and wellbeing at work is a huge subject which is why I’m so glad to have been involved in the book Let’s Reset by Suki Thompson.

Let’s Reset is all about changing how we think about wellbeing and resilience in the workplace.  

Struck by the relationship between health, vitality and commercial success, co-founder and Chair of Oystercatchers/Xeim marketing group and now Founder of Let’s Reset, Suki Thompson has joined forces with internationally recognised photographer Rankin, to shine a light on mental health and wellbeing in business. Surprised by the number of celebrities, sports-people and high-profile stars coming forward to talk about mental health, Thompson noticed that very few business people were doing the same. LET’S RESET was created to highlight mental heath’s relationship to business and commercial success.

And let me tell you, this book really hit home for me…

Late last year when I was getting really settled in at Smooth my daughter collapsed at college.  I panicked of course but wasn’t too overwhelmed as a number of students do collapse from exhaustion, dancing all day, not eating right etc…  But these episodes were repeating themselves quite regularly over a period of a month and it was quite frankly doing my head in.  

In between working, keeping the home going, keeping my elder daughter happy and keeping myself settled, there was very little time for me to relax, my mind was constantly on the go.  

I was late for meetings, I was missing Skype calls, ‘one take Angie’ was having to record and re-record continuously, I was just a wreck because I had no idea what the root of my daughter’s health issue was.  However… if you heard me on the radio you would have thought life at the time was 100% perfect.

Thank God all is OK now but my mental health during that time was in shatters, compromised, severely.

How do you deal with keeping yourself mentally stable at work when life is presenting challenges?  

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