Meghan And Harry – End of the UK Markle Sparkle

Shock news surfaced, Meghan and Harry have decided to step back as Senior Royals. I stepped back and watched the reaction and couldn’t believe some of what I was hearing and reading.

First off, I understand that the Royal Family is an institution, but families are families made up of human beings with faults, failings, and emotions – institution or not.

I’m 100% certain that we’ve ALL walked out of our front doors leaving some shite ‘behind closed doors’ and carried on as if life were rosy. Imagine doing that for a living! It must be tough.

But let’s be fair now, the second royal who knows he\she is never gonna sit on the throne always displays a free spirit. I can’t speak of Princess Margaret but I’m sure she had some serious parties at her home on the Caribbean island of Mustique, and at this point, I refuse to speak of Prince Andrew(!). However, when it comes to the second Royal do you remember Harry dancing with Stedson Wiltshire aka Red Plastic Bag in Barbados?

Don’t you just love his spirit?

And you know he and Rihanna probably had a good laugh in the evening drinking Mount Gay shots and just being young people!

As a young man he enjoyed ‘that’ pool party in America, just stripped off and had a ball. Tell me you’ve never been skinny dipping or have never thought about doing it? He’s human.

He’s also had his fair share of backlash from the press based on some of his decisions because he’s a Prince.

Let’s not forget that he lost his mother very suddenly when he was quite young. Dealing with that must have been a nightmare.

I would assume that the last thing he really wants to do as a ‘person’ is live under rules and regulations but I understand that as a ‘Prince’ it comes with the territory.

However, he finds love with Meghan Markle (by the way I used to love her website The Tig and as for Rachel Zane in Suits… go girl!) 

They marry and for some unknown reason, the shots start, the negative words, ignorance, the fear, and let’s just say it the RACISM!

This cloud starts to hover over the couple. He’s ‘pussy whipped’, she can’t do anything right. Let’s not forget that Harry is motherless due to media intervention and pressure. Is it really surprising that he wants to step back a little to protect his wife and child? Come on now.

Opinion about the decision is rife. A Tweet from a broadcaster whom I have the utmost admiration for, Eamonn Holmes, was trending on Twitter, and I can see why, digest these words and try to find a motive behind this…………

Err…. excuse me ….. you’ve never met her!

Watching Piers Morgan most mornings I really wasn’t surprised by his reaction. Piers is Piers.

I had an open discussion with my Smooth colleague Paul Phear who asked me direct ‘Angie is it racism?’ I replied … ‘If Meghan were a blonde haired blue eyed American, do you believe in your heart that the criticism would be on the same level?’

All I can say about this whole scenario is this is very very negative, and very very sad. And what frightens me most is this is 2020. 

So here’s the MOST important question…

Does looking like Meghan, or me, whilst living in the UK, have its advantages or disadvantages?  Let’s continue talking about this on social media.