Linda Cruse : Feeling Fab Woman of the Month

Our First Feeling Fab Woman of the Month is Linda Cruse.

Linda is like no other woman I’ve met before.  A professional woman who turned her back on the corporate world when stress and being overworked took it’s physical toll on her body – and her sight!!! We met when she was interviewed for the Book Club on Magic and her story was so moving and powerful I had no hesitation in asking her to be a part of Feeling Fab.

Linda created “Be The Change”, an organisation which has made such an impact it has drawn attention from Prince Charles, The Dalai Lama and Sir Richard Branson.

Why not get yourself a tea/coffee/juice and watch this powerful woman who travels the world making changes to peoples lives with nothing but passion.  Passion for life, passion for change.


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Part 3

Part 4translated in portuguese