Masters of the Airwaves

Masters of the Airwaves is a compilation of anecdotes and stories from radio presenters past and present, who either started their careers on non-legal (or community stations) or were specialist music presenters on mainstream radio.

Lindsay Wesker and Dave VJ who were both presenters on KissFM when it was non-legal and after it became legal, got together to document musical history with a focus around the early 80s when the rise of soul music, rare grooves, soca and reggae became too BIG and too LOUD to ignore.

As well as timeless stories from some of the most prolific presenters of that era, the book also includes a catalogue of top tunes and timeless classics.  I guarantee that you’ll look down the list of these tunes and you’ll gasp because you’ll either remember an event at the time of hearing that tune, you’ll remember a summer party or barbeque, or a person connected to that tune will just come flooding back to your mind.  That’s what music does to you.

I interviewed both Lindsay Wesker and Dave VJ about the project and as you’ll hear musical memories came flooding back.

Masters of the Airwaves will be available to purchase soon in all good book shops. I’ll be uploading photos from the launch party which is taking place soon, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to choose those photos wisely!!!!

It’s gonna be one hell of a party!




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