Menopause is Puberty Part Two

Menopause. The word that was whispered until recently. I’ve never personally understood why because like puberty, menopause is going to happen. So why not make the necessary preparations, do a little research and talk about it?  Our baby girls are prepared for puberty by mothers and mother figures, it’s even taught in school, but there is a long silence when it comes to menopause as if what’s on the way is an illness.

Only now are we talking about the night sweats or those personal summers(!), the memory loss, the aching bones, the increase in weight especially around the stomach and the impact this stage of our lives has on our emotions. 

Check it out, puberty part one is when the female body is (probably) in the early teen stages, and the reproductive system is getting ready to boom.  Puberty part two (aka menopause) approaches and the body is getting ready to move into the next phase where the reproductive system is preparing to slow down and eventually stop. That’s emotional.  Your bodily cells can remember childbirth, that is emotional.  Your body has probably endured illness, injury, affects of alcohol and possibly fast foods over the last 30/35 years and is now breaking down a number of chemicals and hormones that have built up over the years.  This is an emotional process, so the last thing we should do is keep quiet.

On a more positive note women are less intimidated when it comes to talking about age (we’re just not that bothered anymore) and for some reason menopause is attached to the ‘older’ woman which isn’t always the case, but that’s another subject. On an even more positive note businesses, brands and corporations are now a lot more open to acknowledge and embrace this physical and emotional transition, so it’s a win/win.

Holland and Barrett have stepped on the pedal and are offering a 24hr phone service to talk about the Perimenopausal to Menopausal journey. They have also started physical health checks that even look at your joints, muscles and bones. I haven’t used the service myself as yet but to know it’s there reduces the stigma around the subject.

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