Without Health?

This short and sweet feature is to highlight the fact that health is probably THE most valuable possession we can ever have.

Outer maintenance is easy, getting a haircut, going to the hairdressers, going to the gym and getting your nails done is great.  I mean who – truly – doesn’t like looking after themselves?

Inner health is also important.

In the same way that we MOT our cars, perhaps we should give your bodies and minds a regular MOT. 16 days into 2016 and in the media alone we’ve read about the early departures of:

  • David Bowie, first class singer and entertainer
  • Natalie Cole, daughter of an icon and an icon herself
  • Nicholas Caldwell of the Whispers, who doesn’t like And The Beat Goes On?
  • Alan Rickman, actor extraordinaire (cancel Christmas!!!)
  • Rene Angelil, husband and manager of Canadian singing star Celine Dion

All great people who were at the top of the game in their chosen field, and I’m sure one, if not all of the above, has tapped into your life in some way, but without health, the joy they brought to the world, as is the case, stops!  The possessions, the money, none of it can be enjoyed without health.  I would hazard a guess that the above artists loved their work so much and were so passionate about it they would do it for free – but without health …

We all want to live long happy lives, I’m sure you want to see your children grow and their children grow too, so enjoy life to the full, party (in moderation of course), laugh, work hard and play hard (and re-charge), however, treasure your health: mind, body and soul.

Look after yourself as if you were a prize possession that gets sweeter as the days go by.