Wellness Wednesdays – Eating Out

August’s Wellness Wednesday was about “Eating Healthy Whilst Eating Out”.  September was about “The Importance of Drinking Water and Staying Hydrated”, something that I’m an absolute advocate of. Whenever I go out to eat and am asked what I’d like to drink, my first answer is ALWAYS “a large bottle of still water and some slices of lemon”. So … let’s now look at eating out whilst trying to remain as healthy as possible. Karen Cummings-Palmer and I took a trip to The Bingham Riverhouse to sample their Nourish Menu.

Eating healthy, doesn’t mean being confined to the kitchen, eating lettuce with a splash of olive oil, a wedge of lemon and finely sliced tomatoes!  Healthy eating and wellness shouldn’t create thoughts of deprivation but initially it does.   

Wellness, health and nutrition isn’t only a booming business, it’s a lifestyle.  Options for healthy, no salt low sugar meals, options for vegan and vegetarian dishes in restaurants, cafes, and food chains are now the norm. 

As a pre-diabetic, I don’t have any issues in requesting small changes to meals I order when I eat out (years ago I would have grinned through the salt and sugar) and I haven’t been asked to leave any establishments so far! 

“Health Is Wealth” really is a true statement.  I believe some men and women between the ages of 45 and 60 are valuing life on a different level, valuing their bodies, enjoying exercise and are planning to live longer healthier lives mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially.

So what did Karen and I experience at The Bingham Riverhouse? Firstly, this is a small boutique hotel overlooking the Thames and has a number of classic bedrooms, a private members’ room and two airy dining rooms that serve up their Nourish Menu.  I went for the salmon and black rice with kale followed by the deconstructed snickers pot which was raw organic peanut butter, cacao, peanuts with a few raisins, and a touch of coconut oil. Of course, I had my compulsory litre(s) of water.  

Zero refined sugar and filling. So no guilt, no deprivation. 

Eating out shouldn’t stop you eating healthy, and eating healthy shouldn’t stop you eating, it’s about making wise decisions.

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