Mental Health Awareness Week

I SO give props to the New Generation Royals, William, Kate, Harry and Meghan, I call them the 21st Century Royals.  They are getting involved in Mental Health Awareness Week which starts today.  

The royal family is supporting a new initiative — and it’s one that’s close to their hearts.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, along with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (who recently welcomed her first child!) are launching Shout, an affiliate of Crisis Text Line in the U.K. that offers free, confidential mental health support via text.

We’ve all got a mental boundary that we don’t want to cross or even go near, we’ve all got that mental or emotional switch that can cause an explosion if someone flicks it, and we’ve all got a ‘trigger’ that brings out a side of us that we spend a lot time pushing down.  

Everyone suffers with health issues, and we shouldn’t think that mental health issues only affect some of us.  In the last few weeks I’ve covered Maternal Mental Health, and how women can feel a little unbalanced after having a baby (thinking of you Meghan!)

Last week it was National Teen Self Esteem week, so many teenagers push their feelings down for fear of rejection and criticism, etc and over time this has an affect on their mental health. 

Regardless of your age it’s ok to admit you’re not feeling 100%, it’s ok to admit that looking at other people’s Facebook and Instagram pages makes you feel ‘less than’, it’s ok to admit that all isn’t rosy at home and smiling through the pain is becoming difficult. 

Keeping those feelings in won’t help, so check in with yourself this week. Join the discussion on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.