‘You’re Always Rehearsing’ – MilkTray’s Motivation

No I’m not talking chocolates, I’m talking Martin Wright aka MilkTray.  My daughters listen to him (in between listening to their mummy!) on the community radio station OnTopFM.

I’m always inspired by what inspires my girls, and Martin is definitely someone who is a driving force amongst Millennials, but also Luminaries in the lower end of the age bracket, so 35 to 45.

Martin and I connected recently and I agreed to attend one of his Motivational Days and was a speaker alongside Chris Preddie OBE, Spencer Fearon, Sky Sports TV Pundit, and Jernine Russell, author of “The Naked Truth About Having A Baby”.  The connections were amazing, Morggan had showed me a video that Chris recorded about the knife crimes that were spreading like wildfire.  Spencer was with Les Brown when he came to London and I do catch him from time to time on Sky Sports, and Jernine unbeknown to me had started following me on Instagram and wasn’t aware that I was going to be in the room.

The event was FABULOUS and I was inspired beyond and it was an eye opening experience for me.
Let me share with you … regardless of what you do, do your best because you’re always rehearsing!!  I walked into that room waiting to hear Chris, Spencer and Jernine speak and thought I would just add a little sprinkle to the afternoon.  Little did I know that the room was packed with ex-Choice FM listeners.   Back in the 90s when I was on Choice I didn’t ever think in my wildest dreams that 20 years down the line people would remember the “Angie Greaves Breakfast Show”.  I stood in that room yesterday and was completely blown away by the stories and memories:
  • Getting students through their GCSE’s and A Levels
  • Healing marriages and calming relationships
  • Re-solidifying friendships
  • Preparing people before they started work.  One guy told me how I stopped him saying a few words to his boss that could have lost him his job(!).
  • And the stories that truly did bring a lump to my throat …… a lovely young lady by the name of Janelle who told me that one morning before she left for school she had to ring me up and sing Little Donkey!

Now I’m not bigging myself up, but if you take just one thing away from what I’ve shared let it be this: you’re always rehearsing, you’re always inspiring, it doesn’t matter about the job you do ….. it’s how you do it, how you walk, talk, the way you present yourself, and the light you shine.

Go out and shine today and Be Fabulous.

For details on MilkTray’s Motivational Days follow him on Instagram @DJMilkTray and catch his breakfast show, weekday mornings on OnTop FM 95.5FM