National Eye Health Week

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Every September Vision Matters focus on eye health so it got me thinking about my own eye health regime.

From 5pm every Friday evening, I tend to look at my online diary and if there is nothing planned for the weekend then that’s also a “no contact lenses” zone.

Glasses come out, shined to the maximum and minimal makeup.

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The versatility of contact lenses is beneficial (have you ever chopped an onion whilst wearing contact lenses – no onion effects, no tears).

Giving your eyes a rest from contact lenses if you do wear them on a daily basis is all part of eye care. And one rule that you must remember is DO NOT GO TO SLEEP IN YOUR CONTACT LENSES.   Your eyes will be deprived of much needed overnight oxygen. Whilst your body repairs itself overnight, your eyes are part of that repair procedure.

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Don’t risk the quick 10 minute nap before going to bed, how many 10 minute naps have I thought I’d have that became a full 8 hour nap??? Fight the sleep, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, and take those lenses out so that your eyes can fully repair throughout the night with the rest of your body.

Make sure your eye tests and regular check ups are on the list of things to do and are up-to-date.  When getting contact lense fitttings the Optician can also check the health of your eye and will advise whether you’re wearing your lenses for too many hours a day and in some cases if your eyes are a little dry will suggest a comfort solution providing extra moisture.

When was your last eye test?  Are you straining to read the destination on the front of the tube or train?  How many hours a day do you sit in front of a computer screen?  Do you “Catch Up” on missed TV shows on your phone?

It might be worth having a sight test and a general eye health check just to put your mind at rest.  It’ll be about an hour of your time – and it’s worth it.

Happy Eye Health Week.