Natural Hair Care

You probably know by now that I love my wigs which I can change on a daily basis, the length, the colours, the styles. And I love my ponytails. In the Summer months, I always go natural because it’s just too hot, quite frankly, to wear wigs.

Being menopausal (which seems to be going on and on and on) doesn’t help. I am perspiring when it’s 5 degrees, so when we’re having good weather and it’s 25 degrees and up I am suffering big time. This year I’ve decided to go with my natural hair as always but have opted for Twists and can I just say that having the breeze blowing on my scalp is heaven!

I recently went to a Cantu hair range launch with Angela C Stevens from Los Angeles who created the Protective Styles system which is compatible with Weaves, Wigs, Locs and Braids – so right up my street when it comes to maintaining these Twists.

My favourite 2 go to products so far are the Daily Oil Drops with Tea Tree Oil to keep my scalp moisturised, and the Hair Freshener with Deodorisers which gives my Twists a beautiful fragrance.

Shout out to Tasha John-Lewis for her handy work with the Twists which I am loving, (haven’t had a negative comment as yet), and thank you to Angela Stevens of Cantu for her demonstration of the Cantu Protective Styles Hair Products.