Wellness Wednesdays

A health alert in December 2022 made me do a complete 180 when it came to nutrition, health and fitness. 

I knew something wasn’t quite right, couldn’t put my finger on it but it was as if my mind and body were struggling to connect. I felt de-hydrated and was constantly tired. 

So I had a mammogram which came back negative – thank God – and my smear test also came back with a negative result.  The results of my physical MOT wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t that bad either, so the nurse suggested a full blood test. And this is where the revelation came home.

My cholesterol was okay but it was the bloods, it was the glucose count that floored me. The normal (or healthy) expected number is between 20 and 41, my number was 46. I was on the cusp of developing Type 2 Diabetes, which is something I have no intention of incorporating into my life. I’ve seen friends with Diabetes and it’s not just about what can or can’t be eaten. It’s the medication management and being very conscious of your lifestyle choices as they impact your body very differently.

I took part in a 75 day detox called Six Pack Revolution as I had seen one of the producers at work completely change his lifestyle through the eating and exercise plan. My glucose count is now 41. I’m down two dress sizes and I’m 2st 4lbs lighter. This change was not for vanity reasons, it was purely because health is wealth.

I’m now collaborating with Karen Cummings-Palmer, Health Consultant and we’ll be talking Wellness Wednesdays on the first Wednesday of every month to talk about how to live healthier lives.

My wake up call came as a Mid-lifer and I believe you can turn your eating habits around at any age. Do join us on YouTube. I’m sure there will be at least one subject that you’ll be able to resonate with.