New York… Breathless!

What a fabulous week I had in New York with my girls.  It was half term and my mission was to have a stress free week – Morggan is refreshed and more upbeat about her GCSEs so mission accomplished!!

There’s something about New York that takes my breath away every time I go there, and the last time I was there I had just found out I was pregnant with Morggan so it’s been nearly 17 years!

Travelling along Brooklyn Bridge, seeing The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and visiting the new World Trade Centre were all on the itinerary although the Crown of the Statue was being refurbished so we didn’t make it there.  Then there’s the simple things like shopping – my favourite past time – which having 2 teenage daughters took on a completely different role for me.

In terms of beauty I just couldn’t believe the amount of different brands and ranges of skin care and make up that complimented darker skin.  This may not resonate with my Caucasian readers but there have been far less choices on the beauty stands in UK department stores when it comes to foundations for darker skinned ladies, so it was truly fabulous to see Morggan and Kamarane having a mutitiude of choices which are not available here – but based on the response I received on Facebook whilst I was away, I believe this is changing quite rapidly.

Two main highlights for us were the Chipotle Mexican Deli and the Lion King on Broadway.  We have seen the production in London, but there was a special “something” on Broadway.