Feeling fab on Mother’s Day

I love Mother’s Day.  I loved it before I was a mother, and I love it even more now.

It’s YOUR day, and it’s your right to Feel Fab, so what do you have planned to make yourself feel fab?  Or have you left it in the hands of your loved ones?

I am aiming to have my own mother at my home this weekend so there will be three generations including Grandma, Mum and grandchildren.  We’ll definitely do something different this year; my mum is very much a creature of habit and will probably want to cook even at my house(!), I’ve overheard my daughters saying that they need to take Grandma and Mum out – suits me fine.  So Sunday will be a day for the grandchildren to take over and make us Feel Fab.  I really don’t mind the usual flowers and chocolates, as long as the kids feel they’re doing something to make us feel good.

On Monday, however, I’m going to pamper myself from head to toe.  Hair, facial, back massage, nails and pedicure. So I’ll have to top the whole experience by purchasing a new outfit.

Gents and husbands, why not give your wife or girlfriend the pleasure of taking her out for the day.  Maybe you’ve heard her talk about a restaurant she loves, or a hotel where she can stay and enjoy total relaxation.  A shopping spree might also be a nice surprise! Sometimes it’s also good to do something that isn’t predictable, something perhaps that you’ve never done before.  There are some lovely photograph sessions that could commemorate the day, why not a trip on The London Eye with photos?

I know that mums should be appreciated every day, but Mother’s Day is a special day.  So plan something special and enjoy the day.

I wonder what Michelle Obama, the First Lady and First Mother, will be doing on Sunday.  Take a look at this lovely video from Barack last year talking about his own mother and the lovely Michelle.

Happy Mother’s Day – enjoy!