Not Today Wendy Williams!

Hey Fabulous People… As you know I do love my dose of US TV, from Scandal (don’t know what I’m gonna do now it’s over!), Power, Empire, Queen Sugar, Greenleaf, Big Little Lies, Oprah, Billions, Ballers, Conviction and Wendy Williams. Love her outlook as a woman of a certain age, her wigs, her outfits and sometimes her Hot Topics. Last week, however, Wendy went a little overboard. She’s human and she does mess up like we all do, but last week was a no no.

Snoop Dogg has released an album of gospel tunes called ‘The Bible of Love’ featuring the artists in the R’n’B genre and of course some gospel greats, enter The Clark Sisters.

Whether you are a full on gospel music lover and don’t listen to anything else, or like me a woman of faith who starts her day with a gospel tune to set the daily tone, you will have heard of the Clark Sisters. If you haven’t where have you been? They have influenced and touched R’n’B artist for decades. Just a taster for you:

You Brought The Sunshine – a Clark Sister’s Classic

Don’t Give Up – the Island Inspirational

Kirk Franklin, Donald Lawrence, Hezekiah Walker and Karen Clark-Sheard

This track was one of the biggest tunes on the soundtrack of ‘Don’t Be Menace While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood’ and I used to play it daily on Choice FM and still do, just love the words and the message.  There’s also the track Miracle which is just ……………….

There’s another Clark Sisters track that inspired Beyonce and Jay Z’s ‘Family Feud’

Ha Ya

Scroll to 1′ 28″ to hear the girls start singing, but if you scroll even further to 2′ 00″ you’ll recognise the sampled chants in Family Feud. Queen B has also gone on record alongside Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige, Mariah and even Whitney, who express how much the Clark Sisters have inspired and influenced them.

Wendy shaded the Sisters big time in the week and said they needed to “up their game” because Snoop has come alongside them and has scored a Number 1 gospel album. The album’s gospel flavours couldn’t have succeeded without artists like The Clark Sisters who agreed to appear, so why do they need to up their game Wendy?

Without being thrust into the limelight and sticking to their choice to maintain a gospel and not a secular career the Sisters have achieved millions in sales,16 albums to their credit, 3 Grammy Awards and are the highest female gospel singing group in history. Karen Clark-Sheard is appearing in the Aretha biopic and is one of the most celebrated singers in the gospel and secular field.

As much as I admire your range of wigs, your clothing, your straight talking at times, I think there are some areas you should completely steer clear of Wendy.

Like you, but sometimes you really do need to hold it down.