10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

It’s my birthday!

I love my birthday. It reminds me of where I’ve come from and how far I’ve come. I have so many amazing people in my life, when they all come together for birthday shenanigans, it’s mind blowing!

Even though I’m in the radio world, I realised that there are probably a LOT of things you might not know about me. And at the prompting of my lovely team of Angie’s Angels, I’m giving you a sneak peek at the woman behind the mic and the headphones… 

1. My middle name is Diana. I doubt my parents knew when they named me that a Princess with the same name would change the world, but I love the name.

2. I was a major talker when I was younger, my mum used to constantly tell me “Your mouth is meant to eat, not to talk too much”. Here I am now as a Radio presenter. Rather fitting yes? 

3. I hate the word racism and all that comes with it.  As I mature I’ve learned that not everybody is comfortable with images that don’t resemble themselves. After much soul searching I get it… if a minority does something as well or even better than the majority, it’s really uncomfortable and confusing for that majority. Rooted in fear, racism does still affect my life. Sometimes, when it happens, I’m shocked. I’m surrounded by so many amazing people, I’ve got great friends, and work with some dynamic colleagues who I believe just see “Angela”, so when I do venture out of my friends/family/work zone,  and I get looks/stares/reactions it reminds me that this problem has NOT gone….. but I’ve come to realise that it’s not MY problem! 

4. I’m the youngest of five children, and the only sibling who works in the arts.  My elder brother and sister live in Barbados. 

5. I took ballet classes when I was little. My teacher taught from a wheelchair. Merle Delamare was a first class ballet dancer who became paralysed after a car accident but she continued teaching, I never realised it at the time but she proved to me that “nothing was impossible”.

6. I have a gold medal in tap dancing. When I passed grade five ballet Miss Delamare pulled my Mum aside and suggested that I gave up ballet. This really upset me but she explained to my mum that “ballet dancers have grace, not rhythm”. There was no denying that I had rhythm (and still do – see below).  OK, so I can’t move as fast or jump as high, but still go to Adult Tap Dancing when I can on a Wednesday evening.

7. Radio wasn’t on my radar (but it was God’s Plan). My plan was to stay at Capital Radio for a year to save up for teacher training college. When I realised 18 months/2 years later that I was still there, I knew I had found my niche. I was smitten with the radio and all that came with it. Sometimes, when we try to go through doors God opens a window that you didn’t even know you wanted to go through. 

8. I was and still am a massive Gavin and Stacey fan and didn’t realise that Nessa from the series was Stella from my favourite TV series on Sky. Little did I know James Corden (aka Smithy from Gavin and Stacey) was and is a great fan of mine.

9. My favourite colour is purple, and I was madly in love with Prince.  He was just unique. I never heard the funk, the pop, the blues or the soul, I just heard Prince. In my mind he’s still very much alive and I miss him every single day. 10. After family Media is my first love, but Radio is my absolute heartbeat.

BONUS (and perhaps THE most important) :  I’m determined that the words Beauty, Dynamic, Fashion and Health are still as strong in the life of a 50 year old woman as they are in a 30 year old woman.

What are things that most people don’t know about you? What would surprise and shock others if they found out? I definitely want to know. Tell me about it on Facebook  Twitter and Instagram.