Online Shopping

Move with the times or they will move without you…

How many times did you hear that this week in one form or another?  Shopping stores come to mind and with the demise of British Home Stores you realise that you probably shop differently and didn’t realise it!  Who hasn’t been pulled by for at least one product on Amazon, eBay or even done your weekly food shop online?  According to the Office For National (UK) Statistics:

69% of 55 to 64 year olds bought online in 2015 (45% in 2008)

That’s quite a high percentage yes? Although Food stores have the lowest proportion of their sales total occurring online, at 4% that could soon be changing…

With AmazonFresh, Amazon Prime customers in central and east London will be able to order a full weekly shop and get it delivered the same day. It plans to roll the deliveries out further across the UK, but has not set a specific date. Customers will be able to shop from 130,000 products, including fresh fruit and vegetables, at prices which Amazon claims will be more competitive than the main grocers. It will also offer specialty food from 50 local suppliers.

According to the Telegraph

New research shows online shopping to be worth £645bn in biggest four markets of UK, US, China and Germany

British shoppers already spend almost £1 in every £5 of their shopping via the internet and the new survey suggests that the online shopping revolution will continue. The growth will be driven by the increasing power of smartphones – which is boosting mobile shopping – and retailers investing more in their digital operations.

Although the rain has been pelting down this week I’m keeping an eye on ASOS and Missguided to see what Spring and Summer teasers they have, and then move up the online chains to see what’s happening across all the lovely upmarket brands that House of Fraser has to offer.  The good old faithful service of specific brands no longer meets the mark as we manoeuvre into a different pace of life.  Online shopping wasn’t something that I think anyone sat down and decide to do, it just simply became a part of our lives, and the beauty is does actually free us up to enjoy doing other things instead of walking from shop to shop.  Perhaps BHS started to move with the times a little too late.

Move with the times, or they’ll move without you.