Race For Life

I normally participate in some form of fund raising on an annual basis and have decided this year to – once again – join Race for Life and raise funds for Cancer Research.
JG LINKIs it something to do with our food?
Is it something to do with the weather?
Is it something to do with our lifestyles?
Or geographics?
There are so many unanswered questions when it comes to this disease.  Even the word itself is one of discomfort to verbalise.  It was once a word that was  associated with smokers, and/or those reaching the sell by date of their lives, but it is now a word that is now being associated with people of any age, any race, and any gender.  But on a more positive note the survival rate is looking promising with increased research and early detection. So, 19th July I’ll be taking part in Race for Life, running the 5K in Lloyd Park.  Your support is most appreciated, why not join me, or if you’d rather donate, then please donate HERE
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