Fork to Fork Food Festival



Are you wondering what season it is? It is the start of June and it sure feels like September to me. Suddenly, after a promising spring we enter into cold and windy weather as if by magic. There is a reason behind it though and ayurveda is able to explain it.

Every cycle we are involved in, like the annual rotation, is divided in three main periods of opening, maintenance and closing. Nature opens up for growth in late winter and spring, maintains itself productive during summer and closes itself in autumn and sleeps in winter. The doshas mark three main stages: kapha rules growth in spring, pitta rules maintenance and production in summer and vata puts the nature to rest in late autumn and winter. Therefore, ayurvedically speaking the year, like any cycle, is divided into three stages.

There are, however, shorter periods when vata energy takes hold and these occur between seasons. When spring turns to summer there is a week or two of rising vata. In nature, change always brings some disorder and it takes a few moments before it settles down again. That’s why we are experiencing this cold and windy weather: spring is turning into summer.

There is one thing that I want to point out, which is that this cold and windy weather is a bit more extreme than usual. Don’t you feel this is a bit out of ordinary? These accentuated features of weather are due to us humans messing up with the climate. We have brought disorder into nature and therefore vata energy has grown in strength, especially during times when it naturally is active. Our corrective action is therefore to create peace, harmony, balance, groundedness, warmth and love; for our nature and for ourselves.

forktofork2Fork to Fork Food Festival will  take  place  on  Saturday  13th June at  ARK  Franklin  Primary  Academy  in  Kensal Rise, West London.

We are involved in this amazing festival, which  brings  together some  of  London’s  most  talented  and  creative  chefs, restaurateurs  and  producers,  with  the  aim  to  raise  funds  in support  of  the  Open  Air  Classroom  project which will launch at ARK Franklin Primary Academy following the festival.   The one-day festival will feature chef demos, talks and tastings, food and produce stalls, like ours. We will be offering the tastiest detox food and drinks ever and offer our healthy Jivita cakes made with the best but loving ingredients.

There will be stalls manned  by great chefs  e.g. from  Ottolenghi, Koya,  Soho  House,  Polpo,  but also great locals like Gracelands Café, The Shop, The Whippet  Inn and Borough Wines.

We are so looking forward to this event and hope you will all join in great numbers. Read more and buy tickets here.