What Do You Really Want This Year?

Woman Writing

As we slowly wake up to the fact it is a new year…what is it we are saying to ourselves? “Oh gosh, I don’t want to go into work”, “I’m not going to let this year pass without XXX”, “This year I’m going to…”?

So…what’s important to you this year? Why? What must you do to get it? How will it make you feel if you get it or achieve it? Why? Keep asking these questions to get to what you really want before just ‘Doing’ things you think you should, so you can target what will really make you tick and what will make a difference to you & those around you. No matter what your goals are this year, it’s important to think of them in terms of not only what you have to DO but what you would like to FEEL and BE.

Some people don’t know what they want and in different phases of our lives, we are not always going to know but we know what feels good to us, what makes us happy. Factoring more of that into our lives brings smiles, laughter, upliftment, it releases good endorphins in our bodies physically, mentally we stay more alive. Whether that is meeting up more with family or friends, picking up a hobby, learning a new skill, having more ‘me’ time, creating boundaries, or simply getting to bed on time, you will know what gives you that sense of peace, contentment, connectedness or sense of fun. Bring more of it into your life this year.

Is it is true that we do not have what we want or desire because we are holding ourselves in a vibrational pattern which does not match our desires? [‘Ask and It is Given’ – Esther & Jerry Hicks – Our book of the month at the MindBody Therapy centre]. Even more reason to ask ourselves the right questions before even trying to set goals.

Does it connect with you? Does it match your core values or does it go against everything you believe in? Do you really believe you deserve it? That you can reach there? That you too can have that deep meaningful relationship? Are you ready for it? Do you have space in your life for it? Are you yo-yoing back and forth about what you want?

Maybe we should BE still first, bring closer the activities and people we love (that love you back), stay connected with YOU so you are always aware of any limiting thoughts or constant negative patterns.

If you choose to change them and need help, go to the self-help section in any bookshop and buy what jumps out at you, what resonates with where you are now. Determine not only to DO but BE what you want to BE this year, then put down your key goals and work towards them knowing they are aligned with who you are, your true desires and beliefs. Stay hopeful…deep breath…say YES and THANK YOU, then watch YOUR space this year.