Small changes can make the biggest impact

The new year is seen the ideal time to begin working on positive changes in our lives. According to The Sun a third of Brits make New Year’s resolutions – but very few of us actually stick to them.

But why do so many people fail?

Change is hard. We often choose extremely complex goals which leads to unattainable expectations, and that creates a serious amount of stress.  We are physically wired to avoid stress, so when our resolutions become overwhelming, it’s easier to just quit.

It’s time to think SMALL. Small changes can = big impact. 

Here are 5 little things that you can do that will make a big difference in your life. Lot’s of little resolutions, that are easier to achieve, can add up to one big whopping success story!


Fifteen minutes


Take just fifteen minutes each night before bed to get prepared for the next day. Gather your clothes, pack your lunch, set out your car keys, prep your coffee maker. Small change = less chaos = better mornings.


Small substitutions


For nutrition goals, think small. For example you could switch out your processed snacks for fresh fruit or veggies. Or replace red meat with a healthier alternative. Achieving these small goals with create a feeling of success which will spur you on to making other small changes. Plus, the added bonus of creating new and healthier lifestyle changes over time.


Time Off 


Put at least one or two days a month aside for guilt free ‘YOU’ time. If you put it in your calendar then you can make it a reality. If a full day is too difficult, then take an afternoon. (No, spending time with your kids doesn’t count). Make self care a priority and you’ll not only feel better you’ll BE better.


Take a time out from social media


Another way to make small changes is to sign off. Step away from your phone and computer for a day. (Only keep the phone on for emergency calls) We all need to unplug every once in a while from the endless stream of people shouting into the chasm that is social media. Step back from the constant chatter.


Find a buddy



Being accountable to others is the best way to make any major change. Make a plan to workout with someone else. If you make something pleasurable it instantly becomes a reward. Finding the motivation to work out with someone you like can have a two fold effect: fun with a friend AND incorporating a healthy activity into your life. Win-Win!


What are your New Year’s resolutions this year? Are you happy with starting out with small changes or do bigger goals seem to work for you? I’d love to hear all about it – Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter and let’s talk about it!