Sally Field takes on the world!

Sally Field is an icon. From big screen roles like Norma Rae and Mary Lincoln, to small screen revelations in Sybil and Nora Walker in Brothers and Sisters – which I loved so much I bought the Box Set!!! She is one of the most amazing actresses ever to grace a screen. In her new movie ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris’ she takes on two major female fears: Sexism and Ageism.

In an interview for BuzzFeed, the brilliant and talented Sally Field talked about her lack of options for good roles in the 1980s and how African American men have changed the game in diversity.

“It was extremely difficult to get really interesting, diverse projects set up. We were beating on the doors. But in those days, the Sundance film festival hadn’t happened like it is, independent film wasn’t available … there wasn’t the same kind of drumbeat to find a way to get a film made that’s so unique.”

Field also talked about how women in their 30s faced epic criticism in Hollywood at the time if they complained about their lack of opportunities. She also stated that she believed studios were finally willing to talk about issues of diversity due to African American men addressing the issue.

“There’s a huge conversation about diversity happening across the boards – which is what it always should have been – that has to do with colour and race and gender preferences and men and women.”

“I think perhaps the fact it’s not just women now, that there’s others involved … I have to say, honestly, the fact men are involved. Thank God for African American men. You go, boys! We’re right behind you.”

Sally Field

Sally Field’s returning to the big screen as a quirky office worker with a massive crush on a hot-half-her age co-worker. According to Field, her new movie, ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris’, does a lot of things right.  A 60 year old woman actually playing a 60 year old woman and that a 60 year old woman can be sexual AND love a much younger man? Big wins all around.