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Dream Board

Beauty Blogger Natalie Clue attends Radical Skincare’s Vision Board Event and asked ‘Are You Radical? Saying Yes to ‘Yes’ and to Living a Radical Life with Radical Skincare’

As a beauty blogger, I get invited to lots of events showcasing the latest products. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a beauty event with a difference! The founder’s of Radical Skincare sisters Rachel and Liz Edlich were in London to host a ‘Vision Board’ event.

Beauty Puls image 1 Say what??

A Vision Board event? At a beauty event?

I was intrigued.

The invite went on to say:

[The]… sisters…are deeply committed to more than skin deep assistance. They would love to share their knowledge and help you set your life goals and create your own vision board.

This was an event that I couldn’t miss as I am very much into planning for the future and dreaming big! The event took place in the heart of Mayfair and the inspiration and motivation was flowing from the get go!

Liz and Rachel started the evening by sharing about the genesis of the brand – their desire to create a line that would produce indisputable anti-ageing results but be kind enough to be used on sensitive skins due to their own personal experiences – but where the sister’s really caught my attention was when they recounted the story of their father.

Dr. Richard F. Edlich was one of the most awarded plastic surgeons and authors in medicine today. He had the option to make millions as a private practitioner but he chose to serve in the academic arena so that his findings could benefit the medical sector and make a difference in the world. He impacted many lives and wrote numerous academic papers – all this despite the fact that Dr. Edlich was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis rendering him immobile and has been wheel chair bound for 20 years.

His purpose had given them purpose and a precious example of resilience and ‘say no to no’!

The sisters’ elaborate on this story in this video.

Introducing Radical Skincare

The two sisters are a force to be reckoned with, but not in a bolshie, forceful way, but in a way that their sincerity of heart and belief in their mission is unquenchable.

They shared many other truisms on the evening:

  • ‘Yes’ – 3 little letters that cause a radical change – Liz Edlich
  •  Make a decision – successful people make the most decisions AND the most mistakes – Liz Edlich
  •  Stay true to what inspires you and keeps your passion alive – Rachel Edlich
  •  Don’t allow the ‘chatter’ from the outside to direct your course – Liz Edlich
  •  Radical = ordinary people doing extraordinary things – Liz Edlich
  •  Radical is not easy, you have got to be strong – Liz Edlich
  •  Don’t be self-conscious, be self-aware.
  •  To make a radical difference identify where change is needed.

BP-Image-2After the presentation we got to ‘vision boarding’!

Surrounding by magazines, scissors and glue, it was fun to take time out to refocus on goals and create a visual ode to one’s dreams and boy did that the time fly! I was so engrossed in the process that 2 hours fleeted by as if it was a few minutes.

At the end of the process we were able to share our vision board with Liz and Rachel, who gave additional tips and challenged us to dream bigger and reach higher!

I think it is really important for each person, especially women to take this time out to visualise one’s future.

Women are so busy; looking after the home, tending to their careers, looking out for friends that the weeks, months, and years pass by without the time for yourself.

What are your dreams?

What do you desire your life to look like in 5 years, in 10 years, in 25 years?

Vision boarding is a tried and tested used by Oprah Winfrey and Jack Canfield (founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and products).

Here are 3 steps to getting started:

  1. Have lots of fun with this process. Look through the magazines and pull out pictures, words and headlines that pique your interest. Place it in piles of its respective category. Remember, don’t think too much; just allow yourself to find what makes you happy.
  2. Let your intuition take over. Go through all the images that you selected and begin eliminating images that no longer feel right. Now, with the remaining images, use your creativity to assemble the images to design your vision board however you wish. Feel free to splash some paint and coloured markers on there as well.
  3. Once your vision board is completed, spend 15 minutes looking at it and imagine that you are already living a life full of everything you posted upon your board. Allow yourself to experience the wonderful feeling it produces within you. Then, place your vision board somewhere that you will be able to see it in your peripheral vision at least once a day.

I truly believe beauty starts from within and that knowing oneself and being true to oneself will help ones inner beauty to shine. I hope that you are just as inspired by the Radical Sisters as I was and that you too embark on the journey of living a radical life!

Why not make your own Dream Board, let us know how you get on @feelingfab #FFBeauty

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